Famous Places In Hunza Valley

Famous Places In Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley

Hunza Valley is one of the most popular destinations in Pakistan among travelers, photographers, and painters. Hunza Valley offers extraordinarily specific panorama in exclusive seasons. Summer is green and spring is white whilst in autumn, the complete valley turns into red, yellow and orange. Hunza is the land of splendor and it’s the traveller attraction for many years. Allah has blessed the Hunza with many colourful colors.

Hunza valley is like the piece of heaven on earth. People of Hunza are very hospitable and pleasant in nature. The natural beauty of the Hunza valley is irresistible and attracts tourists from all over the world. It is a non violent area where you can relax and calm your soul. Hunza Valley has a completely rich culture so many Tourist select Hunza Valley Tours..

Ganish Village

Ganish is the oldest lovely village in Hunza. It is a1000-12 months-antique village and has won the Unesco Asia Pacific Award. Ganish village could be very clean. Women of Ganish are weaving at their domestic. The village has 4 mosques. Ganish Village is well-known for ancient buildings.

In autumn the Ganish village looks ravishing. Hunza water may be very pure and natural and it’s superb for health. The fruits and nuts of Hunza valley are so tasty. Most not unusual meals of Hunza valley are Giyaling / Go-Lee, Harissa,Chapshuro,Diram Fitti, Shopan, and Mamtu.

If you go to Hunza valley then supply a yummy taste to your taste buds. Famous fruits of Hunza Valley are peach, pear, apricot, grapes, apple, berry and lots more. Many gala's are held in Hunza Valley every 12 months like Ginani Festival, Silk course cultural festival, Nauroze, and Shandur Polo festival.Food fairs are also held in Hunza Valley. Hunza Valley has brilliant lakes and forts.


Attabad Lake or Attabad Jheel is located in the Gojal Valley of Hunza. Attabad Lake is formed in January 2010.Attabad Lake is 300 ft deep and 16 km long. Attabad Lake become formed after the immense landslide in Hunza.The distance of Attabad Lake from Hunza valley is 20 km. The view of Attabad Lake is remarkable. There is a water ambulance in Attabad Lake.

The weather could be very cold in Attabad Lake. Attabad Lake is the largest lake in Gilgit Baltistan. Mountains around the lake are protected with snow has an awe-inspiring view.When the temperature drops below the freezing point, the lake will become frozen even you could stroll and run on a lake.

Some humans known as Attabad Lake a blue water lake. Tourists revel in fishing, boating,jet skiing, and other activitiesin Attabad Lake. The water of Attabad Lake is very cold and fresh.The mountains across the lake reflect inside the water and it seems marvelous.

Restaurants are located close to Attabad Lake.Attabad Lake is positioned a few kilometers from Hunza Valley. Sunset and sunrise at Attabad Lake are simply top notch.View of Passu Cones is seen from Attabad Lake.It is a peaceful location.

Borith Lake

Borith Lake is the natural attraction of northern areas of Pakistan. It’s an ideal area for bird-watchers and those who love nature photography. Through jeep, you could reach Borith Lake. Borith Lake has inexperienced-turquoise water. It refreshes your thoughts and you feel relax and calm.

You can experience tenting near Borith Lake. In winters the lake turns into frozen. If you spend time there you'll love this location. Borith Lake supply water to the village. There is a trekking direction in the direction of Borith Lake and you may attain to Ghulkin Glacier.

Some vacationers can reach to Passu Gar Glacier via crossing Borith Lake and Ghulkin Glacier.Passu Gar Glacier is a striking place for vacationers.From Passu Glacier and Ghulkin Glacier you could reach to Borith Lake.Tourists can reach to Borith Lake from Husseini village through jeep.

Shisper View Hotelis a small hotel located close to Passu Gar Glacier where you could enjoy scrumptious Hunza cuisines.Small restaurants are placed close to Borith Lake so you can experience a cup of tea or espresso with a scenic view. During winters, many waterfowl are on the lake like teals, mallards, pochards, etc.

Baltit Fort

Baltit Fort is the well-known castle of Hunza Valley. It is the most ancient vicinity of Pakistan. Baltit Fort was constructed via Balti artisans. On rainy days and winters, the fortress changed into protected with clouds and looks ravishing. For centuries, Baltit Fort remained domestic of the royal family of Hunza.

Even today, gala's like Ginani are celebrated in Baltit Fort.There are many inns for accommodation near Baltit Fort at cost effective prices. Baltit Fort attracts lots of nearbycountrywide and international travelers every year. View of Rakaposhi is visible from the Baltit castle terrace.

Shops close to Baltit Fort promote handicrafts, jewelry, and other handmade stuff. Through a car, you may reach to Baltit Fort from Hunza valley in eleven minutes. By strollyou can attain to Baltit Fort from Hunza valley in 1 hour. The distance of Baltit Fort from Hunza valley is 3.6 km.

The humans are very friendly and hospitable. Baltit Fort is a tremendous area to go to with a lovely view. Baltit citadel is a deal with for history lovers. Baltit castle is an fantastic historical past of Pakistan.

Altit Fort

Altit Fort is an vintage historic castle at Altit town inside the Hunza Valley. Altit Fort is 900 years ago antique fort. Altit Fort turned into built via the Mirs of Hunza. Altit Fort is likewise acknowledged as “Shikari Tower”. There are many accommodations near Altit Fort for travelers.

Many historic things are positioned in Altit Fort. A famous bakery “Cafe de Hunza” is located near Altit Fort. They serve homemade cakes and coffee at reasonable prices.

The structure of the castle is very simple. Inside the Altit Fort, there's a worship hall, large cooking pot, Kashmiri samovar, and a superbly carved antique timber chest and lots more.

The high-quality time to visit Altit citadel is April to November. Through a car, you can reach to Altit Fort from Hunza valley in 17 minutes. By strollyou may reach to Altit Fort from Hunza valley in 1 hour 15 minutes.

The distance of Altit Fort from Hunza valley is 5.1 km.Near Altit Fort, men playing nearby music via holdingdrums, flute and sitar.Altit Fort is an first rate place to visit. Altit Fort is an outstanding appeal in Hunza.

You can effortlessly travel to distinctive locations from Hunza Valley.

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