MA English (Subject) Past Papers and Quiz

English Subject  Final Term Papers

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*ENG501 - History of English Language*       VU CTN 

ENG501 VUCTN Final Term Paper Download
ENG501 VUCTN Mids Solved (2)   Download
New Upload file            ENG 501 Grand Quiz          Download
*ENG502 - Introduction to Linguistics*       VU CTN 

ENG502 VUCTN Mids solved new  Download
ENG502 VUCTN finals compiled   Download

*ENG503 - Introduction to English Language Teaching*

ENG503 VUCTN Mids solved  Download
ENG503 VUCTN finals compilation Download

*ENG504 - Second Language Acquisition*       VU CTN 

ENG504 VUCTN Finals Download
ENG504 VUCTN Mids solved (2) Download

*ENG505 - Language Learning Theories*       VU CTN 

ENG505 VUCTN (Mid term Solved) 2018  Download

*ENG506 - World Englishes*       VU CTN 

ENG506 VUCTN mids solved (3)  Download
ENG506 VUCTN finals compilation  Download

*ENG507 - Phonetics and Phonology*       VU CTN 

New Upload file            ENG507 Grand Quiz Preparation  Download

*ENG508 - Semantics and Pragmatics*       VU CTN 

New Upload file            ENG508 Grand Quiz Preparation  Download
New Upload file            ENG508 Grand Quiz   Download

*ENG509 - Morphology and Syntax*       VU CTN 

*ENG510 - Sociolinguistics*       VU CTN 

ENG510 VUCTN mid solved by Maha Malik Download
New Upload file             ENG510 Grand Quiz Preparation  Download

*ENG511 - Psycholinguistics*       VU CTN 

New Upload file            ENG511 Grand Quiz Preparation Download

*ENG512 - Bilingualism*       VU CTN 

*ENG513 - Language Teaching Methods*       VU CTN 

*ENG514 - Teaching of Listening and Speaking Skills*

*ENG515 - *       VU CTN 

ENG501 Quiz No.3 Fall 2019  Download

ENG505 Quiz No.3 Fall 2019  Download 20+

ENG506 Quiz No.3 Fall 2019  Download 20+

ENG506 Quiz-3 09-07-2019    Download 

Eng506 Quiz 3                Download 

ENG506 Quiz 2.docx      Download 

ENG506   Quiz-III      Download 

ENG510 Quizzes for final     Download 

ENG510 Quiz No.1 Fall 2019 Download 

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