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M.Sc. Zoology is designed to meet the challenges presented by the rapidly changing world. Zoology is an interdisciplinary field that involves the scientific learning of all facets of animal life ranging from microscopic single-celled organisms to complex multicellular organisms. Zoology plays an important part in food security, human resource development, environmental conservation, sustainable development and eventually in mitigation of poverty. The aim of the M.Sc. Program is to prepare the students to conduct experiments and projects using scientific methods and instrumentation, and to solve problems in the domain of Zoology so that they may play vital role for the betterment of the country.

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BT101 - Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-I*
BT101 MCQ  BT101OB01 vuctn Objective(1) Download

BT102 - Microbiology*                               VU CTN

BT102 Mid BT102S01 VUCTN Current Solved Download

BT102 Mid BT102S02 VUCTN Solved 02 Download

BT201 - Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-II*

BT201 Mid BT201S01 VUCTN Subjective  Solved (1) 2018 Download

BT201 Mid BT201OB01 VUCTN Objective  Solved (1) 2018 Download

BT201 Mid  BT201S02 VUCTN Subjective Solved (2) Download

BT301 - Introduction to Biotechnology*   VU CTN

BT301 Mid BT301S02 VUCTN Subjective Download

BT401 - Genetic Resources & Conservation*

BT401 Mid BT401S03 VUCTN Subjective Solved (3) 2019 Download

BT401 Mid BT401S02 VUCTN Subjective Solved (2) Download

BT401 Mid BT401S01 VUCTN Subjective Solved (1) 2018 Download

BT406 - Research Methodology & Skill Enhancement*

BT406 Mid BT406S03 VUCTN Subjective Solved 3 2018-19 Download

BT406 Mid BT406S02 VUCTN Subjective Solved (2) Download

BT406 Mid BT406S01 VUCTN Subjective Solved (1)  Download

BT503 - Environment Biotechnology*     VU CTN

BT503 Mid BT503S03 VUCTN Subjective Solved (1) Download

BT503 Mid BT503S02 VUCTN subjeciveTerm Solve Download

BT503 Mid BT503S01 VUCTN Subjective Solved2018-19        Download

BIF501 - Bioinformatics II*                       VU CTN

BIF501 mid BIF501S01 VUCTN Current Solved Download
BIF501 Mid BF501S02 VUCTN Solved (02) Download

BIF401 - Bioinformatics I*             VU CTN

BIF401 Mid BIF401S03 VUCTN Current Solve Download

BIF401 Mid BIF401S02  VUCTN Subjective Solved Download

BIF401 Mid BIF401OB01  VUCTN Objective Solved MCQs Download

BIO201 - Cell Biology*                VU CTN

Bio201 Solved Past Papers For Mid Term Download

BIO202 - Biochemistry-I*              VU CTN

Bio202 Solved Past Papers For Mid Term Download

BIO203 - Methods in Molecular Biology

Bio203 Past Papers For  For Mid Term Download

BIO204 - Principles of Biochemical Engineering

Bio204 Objective And Subjective Past Papers Download

BIO301 - Essentials of Genetics*         VU CTN

Bio301 Solved Past Papers For Mid Term (1) Download

Bio301 Solved Past Papers For Mid Term Download

BIO302 - Molecular Biology*           VU CTN

Bio302 Solved Past Papers For Mid Term Download

BIO303 - Biochemistry II*             VU CTN

Bio303 Past Papers For  For Mid Term Download

BIO503 - Biological Physics*                      VU CTN

Bio503 Objective And Subjective Download

CHE201 - Physical Chemistry*          VU CTN

Che201 Past Papers For  For Mid Term Download

ZOO401 - Limnology*                                 VU CTN

ZOO401 Mid ZOO401S01  Subjective Download

ZOO501 - Developmental Biology*            VU CTN

ZOO501 MID ZOO501S02   TERM 02 Download

ZOO501 Mid ZOO501S01 Current Solved Download

ZOO502 - Animal Physiology and Behavior*

ZOO502 mid ZOO502S02 Solved 02 Download

ZOO502 Mid ZOO502S01 Current Solved Mid Download

ZOO503 - Zoogeography and Paleontology*

ZOO503 Mid ZOO503S01 Subjective Download

ZOO504 -Wildlife*                  VU CTN

ZOO504 Mid ZOO504S01 Current Solved Mid Download 

ZOO504 Mid  ZOO504S02 Solved (02) Download

ZOO505 - Cell and Molecular Biology*    VU CTN

 ZOO505  Current Solved   Download

ZOO507 - Principles of Animal Ecology

ZOO507  Current Solved    Download

STA301 - Statistics and Probability*          VU CTN

STA301 Formulas Definitions 01 to 45 Download

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( Section II )

BT102 - Microbiology*                VU CTN

Bt102 Objective  Notes For Mid Term Download

Bt102 Solved Past Papers For Mid Term  Download

BT102 Microbiol Current Mid Term Papers 2018 Download

BT201 - Ecology, Biodiversity & Evolution-II

Bt201 Past Papers For Mid Term  Download

BT302 - Immunology*                 VU CTN

Bt302 Objective And Subjective Notes And Past Papers Download

BT302 Past Papers For Mud Term Download

BT401 - Genetic Resources & Conservation*

Bt401 Solved Past Papers For Mid Term Download

BT402 - Microbial Biotechnology*       VU CTN

Bt402 Current  Solved Midterm  Subjective And Objective File Download 

BT403 - Agriculture Biotechnology*         VU CTN

BT403 Solved Past Papers For Mid Term Download

BT404 - Food Biotechnology*           VU CTN

Bt404 Solved Important Past Papers For Mid Term Download

BT405 - Nano Biotechnology*                    VU CTN

BT405 Solved Past Papers For Mid Term

BT406 - Research Methodology & Skill Enhancement

Bt406 SOLVED Past PAPERS FOR Mid Term Download

BT605 - Biosafety & Bioethics*                  VU CTN

Bt605 Past Papers For  For Mid Term Download

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