Mth100 MidTerm Past Papers

Mth100 MidTerm  Past Papers

Mth100 Past Papers                                   Download

Short-Answer Questions. Questions 1 and 2 are short-answer questions. Put your answer in
the box provided. Full marks will be given for a correct answer placed in the box. Show your
work also, for part marks. Each part is worth 2 to 3 marks, and not all parts are of equal difficulty.
Simplify your answers as much as possible in Questions 1 and 2.

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1) Define a set? 

Definition: A set is an unordered assortment of particular items. Items in the assortment are called components of the set.

2) What is program strategy for sets? 

The program strategy for indicating a set comprises of encompassing the assortment of components with props. For instance the arrangement of tallying numbers from 1 to 5 would be composed as {1, 2, 3, 4, 5}.

3) Define invalid set?

Definition: The set without any components is known as the unfilled set or the invalid set.

4) Define general set?

Definition: The general set is the arrangement of everything appropriate to a given conversation and is assigned by the image U

5) Define subset? 

Definition: The set A will be a subset of the set B, meant A B, if each component of An is a component of B.

6) Define equivalent set? 

Definition: Two sets An and B are equivalent if A B and B A. On the off chance that two sets An and B are equivalent we compose A = B to assign that relationship.

7) Define crossing point of sets? 

Definition: The crossing point of two sets An and B is the set containing those components which are components of An and components of B. We compose A B to signify An Intersection B. Model: If A = {3, 4, 6, 8} and B = { 1, 2, 3, 5, 6} then A B = {3, 6}

8) Define association of sets? 

Definition: The association of two sets An and B is the set containing those components which are components of

An or components of B. We compose A B to signify A Union B. Model: If A = {3, 4, 6} and B = { 1, 2, 3, 5, 6} then A B = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6}.

9) What are logarithmic properties of sets? Or on the other hand distinction between commutative assosiative and distributive law? 

Commutative: Union and convergence are commutative activities. As such, A B = B An and A ∩ B = B ∩ A

Assosiative: Union and convergence are cooperative tasks. As such, (A B) C = A (B C) and (A ∩ B) ∩ C = B ∩ (A ∩ C)

Distributive: Union and Intersection are distributive as for one another. As such A

∩ ( B C )= (A ∩ B) (A ∩ C) and A ( B ∩ C )= (A B) ∩ (A C)

10) Define cardinality? With two kinds? 

Definition: Cardinality alludes to the quantity of components in a set

A limited set has a countable number of components

A vast set has in any event the same number of components as the arrangement of normal numbers

11) Define complex number? 

Definition: Numbers of the structure a + bi are called complex numbers.

an is the genuine part and b is the nonexistent part. The arrangement of complex numbers is indicated by C

12) Defineabsolute worth?

Definition: The outright worth or modulus of an unpredictable number is the separation the perplexing number is from the inception on the mind boggling plane.

13) Define connection?

Definition: A mapping between two sets An and B is just a standard for relating components of one set to the next. A mapping is additionally called a connection.

14) Define area and range ? 

Definition: The set comprising of individuals from the pre-picture or contributions of a capacity is called its space. For a given space the arrangement of potential results or pictures of a capacity is called its range.

15) Define even and odd capacity? 

Definition: A capacity is called an even capacity if its diagram is symmetric as for the vertical pivot, and it is called an odd capacity if its chart is symmetric concerning the root.

16) Define quadratic capacity? 

Definition: An element of the sort y = ax2 + bx + c where a, b, and c are known as the coefficients, is known as a quadratic capacity.

17) Define a network? 

Definition: A network is a rectangular game plan of numbers in lines and segments. The request for a framework is the quantity of the lines and sections. The passages are the numbers in the framework.

18) Define personality lattice? 

Definition: A Square network with ones on the askew and zeros somewhere else is called a personality framework. It is signified by I.

19) When a lattice has echelon structure? 

A lattice is in echelon structure on the off chance that it has the accompanying properties

Each non-zero column starts with a 1 (called a main 1)

Each driving one out of a lower push is further to one side of the main one above it. In the event that there are zero lines, they are toward the finish of the grid

20) When a network has refuced echelon structure? 

A network is in decreased echelon structure if notwithstanding the over three properties it additionally has the accompanying property:

Each and every other passage in a segment containing a main one is zero Methods for discovering Solutions of Equations:

Utilizing Row Operations: Recall that when we are unraveling synchronous conditions, the arrangement of conditions stays unaltered on the off chance that we play out the accompanying activities:

Duplicate a condition by a non-zero constants Add a numerous of one condition to another condition Interchange two conditions.

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