ZOO507 GDB Solution Spring2020

ZOO507 GDB Solution Spring2020

How can we avoid the overexploitation of non-renewable resources?

There is a lot ways to avoid the overexploitation of non-renewable resources:
 Recycling is the best way to avoid exploitation of non-renewable resources, because in this process the resources are being used again and again in the new manufacturing process. In this way the non- renewable resources are not increased due to reuse of resources.

We can reduce the uses of natural resources of energy by making law and regulations, which are being strictly followed by the government. These laws and regulations enlighten people on the need to conserve the resources for the future generations. Invoking of heavy penalties for individuals who are not adhering to the laws and regulations will make people avoid waste of resources.

Hybrid vehicles uses less fuel as compare to the normal vehicle. It can help to reduce the exploitation of non-renewable resources. Hybrid vehicles are using Butanol and ethanol instead of fuel.
We should use public transport instead of use to individual transport for a longer distance. Inconstrast to cars buses and trains are using less fuel because they have a lower person-to-fuel ratio than personal vehicles. 

This ensures that the few available fossil fuel deposits in the world are not exhausted, whereas at the same time restriction excessive pollution of the atmosphere.
We should use metals in the place of plastic substances; because metallic substances are being used again and again avoid overexploitation of non-renewable resources.

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