MGT211 GDB Solution Spring2020

Topic to be tested
The Marketing Mix
Learning objectives
  • To understanding the Marketing Mix and their objectives. 
A firm’s marketing mix (often called the four Ps) consists of product, place (or distribution), price, and promotion. Besides the traditional attributes belongs to the 4ps based on usually conventional mode of shopping we can apply this in today’s modern world of online shopping as well. What new factors do you think we must consider in 4Ps (Product, price, place and promotion) to make your online business successful?
4ps of Marketing Mix
New factors to be considered in Online Shopping




  • Minimum one factor OR Maximum two factors are required to write in the column briefly in bulleted form (not more than 25 words for each factor/s).
  • It is recommended to follow the same table format to answer the GDB question.
Note: Strictly follow the Instructionst to answer the GDB question. A student will be graded zero if not found to follow the instruction.

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