CS301 GDB Solution Spring2020

GDB Topic:
XYZ Soft is facing a big loss in the industry. Therefore, the company has started to offload its software developers. It started to conduct a test of hundred developers on daily basis and store their test scores in a data structure. After ten days, its CEO wants to terminate fifty developers (three developers each month with the interval of ten days) based on the lowest test scores.
Suppose you are working as a most senior developer in the company then which of the following data structure you will recommend to the CEO in the above given scenario.
  1. AVL Tree
  2. Heap
Justify your answer with solid reason.

Important Instructions:  
1.  Your comments must be precise and limited up to maximum 150 words, long comments will lead to deduction of your marks. 
2.    You need to use font style as “Times New Roman” and font size 12. 
3.    You need to write your comments by your own, copying form internet or other sources will be awarded zero marks. 
4.    You should post your answer on the Graded Discussion Board (GDB), not on the Moderated Discussion Board (MDB). Both will run parallel to each other during the time specified above. Therefore, due care will be needed.  
5.   GDB after due date and via email will not be accepted.

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