Famous Places In Chitral Valley

Famous Places In Chitral Valley

Chitral Valley

Chitral valley is the pearl of northern areas of Pakistan. Chitral is the hub of tourists. Chitral has lush green valleys, harsh mountains, lovely glaciers, and heavenly meadows. Travelogue writers and authors have defined Chitral valley is the maximum charming, captivating and romantic area. In winters the climate of Chitral could be very cold and in summers the climate is quality and balmy. The high-quality time to visit Chitral is September.

Thousands of humans from abroad visit the Chitral valley to explore the tradition and revel in the natural beauty. Fishing, hiking, trekking attracts hundreds of tourists.Chital valley has a very giant culture.

The land of Chitral call by way of Chitrali human beings “Kho” and the language this is spoken in Chitral is “Khowar”. Other languages also are spoken in Chitral are Gujari, Wakhi, Kalash, Yidgha, Kirghiz, and Gawar-Bati. Chitrali humans love music and dance and Chitral have a very brawny musical tradition.

Chitrali people have their very own cultural get dressed and females carrying a lot of jewelry and black frocks that's historically embroidered. Women also are wearing shalwar kameez that is the country wide get dressed of Pakistan. Men wear long wool coats in winters recognized as “Shuqa”.

Chitral Valley has many festivals like Qaqlash Festival / Jashn-E-Qaqlasht, Shandur Polo Tournament, Jashn-e-Chitral, Boroghol , and Kalash Festivals.Polo is the national recreation of Chitral. There are many polo grounds in Chitral. Chitral museum is another attraction for tourists. In Chitral museum, antique pottery, weapons, and other stuff from the old times are placed.

Chitral valley has the well-known university “University of Chitral”. The University of Chitral has many departments like Zoology, Urdu, Economics, Computer Science and plenty more. The satisfactory factor is the Tourism and Hotel Management department has also at the University of Chitral. The University of Chitral has accomplished a high-quality landmark with its first research journal. Chitral has lots of guest homes and motels for tourists. Governor Cottage is a beautiful building of Chitral.

Garam Chashma

Garam Chashma is sometimes called “Hot Spring”. Garam Chashma is well-known for its breathtaking natural beauty, balmy climate and snow protected peaks. People who have pores and skin disease should also visit Hot Spring for treatment. A local doctor of Chitral stated taking tub in Hot Spring is a sort of physiotherapy. The water is very pure and refreshing. Tourists across the usa come and go to this vicinity.

Garam Chashma is also famous for its trout fish. Garam Chashma is pleasant for folks who love fishing.Many foreigners visited this region and experience the splendor of this area. Through a car, you could attain to Garam Chashma from Islamabad in 12 hours 30 minutes. The distance of Garam Chashma from Islamabad is 475 km. From Chitral, you may reach to Garam Chashma in 2 hours.

Chitral Gol National Park

Chitral Gol National Park is one of the countrywide parks of Pakistan. Chitral National Park is situated by way of Hindukush peaks. Two hunting lodges are placed in Chitral National park. Golden Eagle, Siberian ibex, Snow Leopard, Black bear, Yellow-throated martin, Snow Partridge, Peregrine falcon and others are discovered in Chitral National Park.

During the wet season the Chitral National Park is dangerous and dangerous for tourists. In snowfall, the park protected with snow and snow-blanketed peaks add beauty to the park.

Bumburet Valley

Bumburet valley is the popular and historic valley of Chitral. Bumburet Valley is an high-quality area to visit. Bumburet valley is full of scenic beauty and high-quality human beings. The first-class time to visit Bumburet Valley is summer time and spring.
Bumburet Valley may be very lovely because of shady meadows, apricot trees, yellow and inexperienced fields. Bumburet valley joins the Rumbur valley after which it joins the Kunar valley.

Through a car, you can reach to Bumburet valley from Islamabad in eleven hours. The distance of Bumburet valley from Islamabad is 425 km. From Chitral, you may attain to Bumburet valley in 1 hour.

Shahi Mosque

Shahi Mosque is the lovely mosque in Chitral. Shahi Mosque is famous for its unique architecture. A Chitrali royal own family has built this mosque. The bricks that are used within the production of the mosque are imported from Chitral. Shahi mosque is a major visitor attraction. Shahzada Sirajul Muluk member of Chitrali royal circle of relatives has built this mosque.

Through a car, you may attain to Shahi mosque from Islamabad in 11 hours.The distance of Shahi mosque from Islamabad is 432 km.


You can without difficulty journey to one-of-a-kind places from Chitral Valley.

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