Famous Places In Bahrain Valley Swat

Famous Places In Bahrain Valley Swat

Bahrain Valley Swat

Bahrain is a lovely metropolis and it is placed in Swat. Bahrain is famous for local handicrafts.The weather of Bahrain may be very mild and warm. January is the high-quality month to go to Bahrain Valley. It is the joining-factor of Daral and Swat River. Bahrain is located at 58 km north of Mingora, sixty six km from Saidu Sharif and 10 km from Madyan.

Through a car, you could attain to Bahrain from Islamabad in 6 hours. The distance of Bahrain from Islamabad is 307 km.Bahrain is well-known for handicrafts like shawls, woolen hats, and jewelry.

Kumrat Valley

Kumrat Valley is positioned in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Kumrat valley is one of the scenic valleys of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. Jeep is used to attain Kumrat valley. Mountains, forests, inexperienced meadows are the actual points of interest of this valley. Kumrat Valley weather is very cold. Many waterfalls are positioned close to Kumrat Valley.

During summer time season lots of vacationers go to Kumrat valley and enjoy the breathtaking beauty and greenery. Through a car, you could reach to Kumrat Valley from Islamabad in 10 hours. The distance of Kumrat Valley from Islamabad is 400 km.

Malam Jabba

Malam Jabba is an appealing hill station and it's miles placed in Swat Valley. Malam Jabba is a best place for jet skiing. Chairlift in Malam Jabba is the famous attraction of vacationers. In winters the snowcapped mountains in Malam Jabba seems ravishing and it's far the famous winter lodge of travelers.

Snow festival is held in Malam Jabba and plenty of adventurous activities like jet skiing, ice skating, paragliding are the main activities of this competition. Through a car, you may reach to Malam Jabba from Islamabad in 7 hours. The distance of Malam Jabba from Islamabad is 292 km.


Madyan is an top notch hill station and it's miles located at 55 kilometers from Mingora. Madyan is a well-known traveller destination and it's miles famous for trout fish. Thousands of tourists visit Madyan and experience the cool breeze of Swat River. Through a car, you could attain to Madyan from Bahrain in 30 minutes. The distance of Madyan from Bahrain is 10 km. Madyan Valley is sometimes called perfect valley because of its quality weather.

Madyan guest house could be very famous and it is positioned above the primary bazaar of Madyan. Madyan guest residence isn't always very expensive. Through a car, you may reach to Madyan from Islamabad in five hours 40 mins. The distance of Madyan from Islamabad is 298 km.


Chail is a captivating valley and it is positioned at fifteen minutes through the car and thirty minutes by means of stroll from Madyan . Chail valley is divided into two divisions old Chail and new Chail. Old Chail is located above the move and new Chail is located beneath the stream. Through a car, you may reach to Chail from Bahrain in 50 mins. The distance of Chail from Bahrain is 13.4km.

Chail valley attracts vacationers due to its scenic splendor. Through a car, you could reach to Chail from Islamabad in 6 hours. The distance of Chail from Islamabad is 300 km.


You can without difficulty journey to unique locations from Bahrain.

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