Famous Places In Swat Valley

Famous Places In Swat Valley

Swat Valley

Swat Valley is located in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK). Swat Valley is called the “Switzerland” of Pakistan. Swat is famous for its extremely good natural beauty like waterfalls, pine forests, snow covered peaks, lush green fields, glacier, and streams. Swat is not any doubt the most lovely destination inside the northern areas of Pakistan.

People of Swat are very caring, hospitable and friendly. Swat Valley is an area for nature lovers,archeologist and nature photographers.Summer is the popular season to go to Swat valley.The language this is spoken via people of Swat is “Pashto”.Swat is famous for its handicrafts.

Wood carving, stone carving, handicrafts and embroidery of Swat are very well-known and represent the Swat lifestyle and heritage. Woolen blankets, shawls, and rugs are very stunning and ladies of Swat can weave them with their hands. Panhey is the old school shoes utilized by vintage men and women in Swat.

Swat is popular for carved wood furnishings like tables, chairs, dressing tables, and cradles of extra superior types.Swat delicacies is very scrumptious and you could experience meals like charsi tikka, chapli kebablamb karahikabuli pulaosajji, and shinwari chickenin each inn of Swat valley.

The first-ever Swat food festival “Zayega Swat Ka” draws many people throughout the country. “Varjaley”is the traditional rice dish of Swat valley and it's far cooked on special occasions. Honey, mushroom and butter oil of Swat valley is well-known everywhere in the country.

Saidu Sharif

Saidu Sharif is the capital of Swat district. Swat museum, Saidu Baba, Saidu Stupa and much greater are the visitor appeal in Saidu Sharif.Italian Ambassador Mr. Adriano Chiodi said that Swat had very wealthy ancient sites.

Swat Museum has a Buddha Statue,a footprint that's 3 instances larger than the scale of a mean human being, old antiques, andancient jewelry.Saidu baba is the shrine of Akhund Abdul Ghaffur.

People throughout the country go to the shrine of Saidu Baba. Visitors supplied prayers round Saidu Sharif Stupa.The government of Pakistan has decidedto set up an airport in Saidu Sharifand it's miles operational to promote tourism in Pakistan.
Many famous inns are placed near Saidu Sharif like Swat Serena hotel, Shelton’s Rezidor Swat, Swat continental resort, Burj Al Swat and others.

White Palace (Marghuzar)

Marghuzar is a small hill station of Swat. White Palace is located in Marghuzar. It’s a house of the Royal circle of relatives of Swat. White Palace is sometimes referred to as Safaid Mahal. There are 24 large rooms and large convention halls. Now the palace is used as a inn.Many old ancient pics are hanged on the white palace.

The stunning marble chairs and table are located inside the garden.It is located at 13 kilometers faraway from Saidu Sharif. The white palace turned into built via the first king of Swat Miangul Abdul Wadud. The material that is used in the production of the White Palace was imported from Jaipur India.Queen Elizabeth II additionally visited the white palace and stayed here for three days.

Through a car, you may reach to White palace from Islamabad in 5 hours. The distance of White palace from Islamabad is 261 km.In snow, the white palace looks marvelous. The white palace is surrounded by lush inexperienced plants and delightful mountains.


Kalam is a small metropolis of Swat. Kalam is one of the favored spot for tourists.There are many waterfalls and streams in Kalam. Kalam is the great location for hiking. Through jeep, you could easily reach to Mahodand Lake form Kalam.

There is a waterfall between Kalam and Mahodand Lake where people enjoy and relax.Kundol Lake and Kharkharai Lake are other appealing lakes in Kalam.Many tourists’ spotsnear Kalam like Utror, Gabral and Matiltan.Utror is a fascinating hill station and it's miles surrounded by way of snow-capped mountains and waterfalls.

It is placed at 116 km far from Saidu Sharif and 16 km from Kalam valley. Gabral is an excellent village in Swat and it's far placed at 5 km from Utror and 20 km from Kalam valley. Matiltan is a lovable valley and it is 11 km far from Kalam. Matiltan valley has glaciers, forests and mountains.

The maximum mountain Falak Sar may be visible from Matiltan valley. Through a car, you can attain to Kalam from Islamabad in 12 hours. The distance of Kalam from Islamabad is 420 km.

Mahodand Lake

Mahodand Lake is placed inside the higher Usho valley at a 40 km distance from Kalam valley. Tourists experience fishing, camping, horse riding and boating in Mahodand Lake. In winters, the lake turns into frozen and blanketed via dense snowstorm. During summers, the lake is surrounded by way of alpine flowers like blue poppy, geum, gentian and potentilla.

Trout fish is very popular of Mahodand Lake but catching is handiest allowed to certified anglers. The lake is the heaven for nature lovers. Mahodand Lake is surrounded by using lush greenery, crimson and yellow plant life. Local population of the valley have tents to serve tourists.

The splendor of the lake is indescribable as it seems ravishing, and captivating.Jeeps are used to attain Mahodand Lake. A ten-minute walk from Mahodand Lake there is another super and small lake known as the Saifullah Lake.

Kundol Lake

Kundol Lake aka Kundol Dandis situated inside the north of Utror Valley at a distance of 21 km from Kalam valley. The lake is surrounded with the aid of snow-capped mountains and lush green tall trees. During winters the roads are closed due to heavy snow fall and in summers the lake is accessible.

Jeeps are used to reach Kundol Lake. A hours hike of the Lake and you could attain to beautiful valley Ladu. Many refreshments huts are in Ladu valley where you may buy tea or snacks. Through a car, you may attain to Kundol Lake from Islamabad in 12 hours.

The distance of Kundol Lake from Islamabad is 509.4 km.The tale behind this lake is that each night time in a month a golden bowl appears inside the lake and shines like a moon and nobody has touched due to its magical powers. Kundol Lake attracts many travelers and visitors due to its adorable and captivating splendor.

You can without problems travel to special places from Swat Valley.

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