Famous Places In Kaghan valley

Famous Places In Kaghan valley

Kaghan Valley

Kaghan Valley is a stunning and well-known vacation location for tourists and travelers. It is placed in Mansehra district. Kaghan Valley could be very near Naran Valley which is also the well-known vacationer hub. Kaghan Valley is the quality area to experience cool weather inside the summer season.

Many foreigners and Pakistanis are spending their summer season holidays in Kaghan Valley. Kaghan Valley is splendid and complete of fascinating views. People are very peaceful in nature. Some famous trekking routes encompass Ratti Gali, Doodhi Pat Sar, Saral Gali, Noori Pass, Aansoo Jheel, Kuch Gali &Siran; Col while trekking peaks of Makra & Musa KaMusalla are different points of interest for novice trekkers. There are many beautiful places to visit in Kaghan Valley Tour like:

Lalazar Valley

Lalazar Valley is placed in higher Kaghan Valley. It is an outstanding hill station. Lalazar valley is also acknowledged as 
Land of plants”. Many stunning and different sorts of vegetation are determined in Lalazar valley which draws the travelers. It is covered with rich stunning inexperienced mountains. Lalazar Valley is famous for camping. Through jeep, you may reach to Lalazar Valley.

Some tourists pick hiking over the jeep. Lalazar Valley is the favorite traveller spot. The avenue of Lalazar is very difficult and slippery however adventurous. Few restaurants are positioned close to Lalazar Valley that serves local Pakistani meals. You can attain to Lalazar valley from Naran in 1.five hours of drive. Through a car, you could attain to Lalazar valley from Islamabad in 7 hrs.

The distance of Lalazar valley from Islamabad is 281 km. Lalazar valley is the second famous vacationer spot after Saiful Muluk. Lalazar valley is positioned at the opposite side of Saiful Muluk. Best time to visit Lalazar valley is from June to November. Lalazar valley could be very crowded for the duration of the summer season. Natural beauty is the principle attraction of Lalazar valley.


Shogran is an top notch hill station. Accommodation is very cheap in Shogran. The main attraction of Shogran is Forest Rest House. Forest Rest House has many inexperienced lawns where human beings sit down and loosen up. Heavy blizzard happened within the winter season. In summer time the weather of Shogran is very slight and quality. In winters the snow-blanketed mountains of Shogran look so appealing.

Snow covered mountains appear to be the mountains put on the blanket of snow. Many eating places like traveller Inn motel, Lalazar resort, Arcadian Sprucewoods and much more are placed in Shogran for vacationers. You can attain to Shogran from Naran in 3 hours of drive. Through a car, you may reach to Shogran from Islamabad in 5 hours 30 minutes. The distance of Shogran from Islamabad is 225 km.

Many beautiful locations positioned close to Shogran are Makra Peak and Siri Paye. Many eating places and hotels are located near Shogran for vacationers at very affordable rates. Shogran is well-known for its sparkling air and scenery. Shogran has a stunning village “Kiwai” which is famous for Abshaar Café. The neighborhood people of Shogran are very warm-hearted and generous. Shogran is a lovely region on earth.

Saiful Muluk

Saiful Muluk Lake is a heavenly location. Saiful Muluk Lake is located at 8 kilometers from the northern give up of Kaghan Valley. Saiful Muluk is sort of a heaven on earth. Thousands of tourists appeal to and visit this lake from all around the world at some point of the summer season. Blue-inexperienced algae, brown trout fish and lots of water plant life are located in Saiful Muluk Lake.

May and July are the fine time to visit Saiful Muluk Lake. Saiful Muluk is taken into consideration as one of the maximum lakes in Pakistan. Saiful Muluk has a turquoise color lake. Saiful Muluk is a lovely, crystal clear water lake. Many species of flora are discovered in Saiful Muluk are Gramineae, Scrophulariaceae, Compositae, Leguminosae, Polygonaceae, etc.

In snowfall snow-protected mountains of Saiful Muluk looks so captivating and alluring. Through a car, you could reach to Saiful Muluk from Islamabad in 7 hours. The distance of Saiful Muluk from Islamabad is 290 km. Many small shops and huts are positioned close to Saiful Muluk where human beings can purchase food and different objects.

Through jeep, you may attain to Saiful Muluk because roads are very hilly. Local vendors sell exceptional meals gadgets at Saiful Muluk. Tourists revel in cycling, boating, tenting and horse driving at Saiful Muluk.

Siri Paye

Siri Paye is a lush inexperienced plateau. Siri means “lake” and Paye means “excessive grazing ground”. A lovely Siri paye lake is located in close to Shogran. It’s a 3 hour hike from Shogran to Siri Paye.Tourists can enjoy kite flying, horse and jeep riding in Siri paye. In summers the Siri Paye blanketed with lush green grass and plants. In winters the meadows blanketed with snow blanket.

Tourists enjoy the BBQ and have a cup of tea or coffee and feel calm and loosen up.Tea or Coffee shops are opened until 2 am. Through a car, you may attain to Siri Paye from Islamabad in five hours 30 minutes. 

The space of siri paye from islamabad is 230 km. Siri paye is an excellent region for nature photographers and for folks who love peace, nature and greenery.

 You may experience the tenting and gambling cricket at siri paye with first rate view. Every 12 months many foreigner travelers come to siri paye. Top minister imran khan also visited siri paye. Siri paye is a tremendous and ideal tour holiday spot for travelers, families and buddies. Siri paye is an area that gives peace and calm in your soul.


kiwai is a small adorable village. A beautiful waterfall motel (abshaar cafe) is positioned in kiwai. Kiwai is the stopover for folks who are touring to naran or shogran. Vacationers can consume, lighten up and enjoy the beautiful view of kiwai. The water of kiwai can be very crystal smooth and pure. Kiwai waterfall lodge attracts vacationers. Kiwai waterfall hotel is surrounded with the resource of lush green timber. 

Thru a car, you could gain to kiwai from islamabad in 5 hours. The distance of kiwai from islamabad is 220 km. From balakot you could reap to kiwai at a distance of 24 kilometers. Humans can revel in breakfast, lunch, and dinner on the kiwai waterfall motel and experience the scenic view. Revel in snacks within the night time with tea at abshaar cafe.

 Trout fish could be very well-known of kiwai waterfall lodge. From kiwai you may easily obtain to shogran, kaghan valley and siri paye. The infrastructure of abshaar cafe is very unique and conventional. The climate of kiwai could be very outstanding from october to february. 

Dana meadows

dana meadows is a lovely place for vacationers. Snow on the dana meadows seems fantastic great in winters. On dana meadows, you sense like that you are very close to clouds and sky. Dana meadows have a very stupendous view. A dana meadow is a completely famous spot. Through jeep, you can acquire to dana meadows. The start line for a experience to dana meadows is khanian. 

Khanian is a small lovely village in kaghan valley. A lovely resort is placed in khanian. Dana meadows is an high-quality location to spend time and sense calm and lighten up. You may enjoy tenting and different sports at dana meadows. Snow blanketed mountains of dana meadows seems spectacular. Dana meadows is a gift of allah for travelers and vacationers. Dana meadows is a wonderful area.

 Dudipatsar lake

dudipatsar lake is situated in the north of kaghan valley. Dudi method “white” pat method “mountains” and sar method “lake”. Dudipatsar lake is likewise seemed as “dudipat lake”. In summer season the water of the lake displays like a reflect. If out of doors adventure is on the pinnacle of your list, then dudipatsar lake is the proper place.

 Dudipatsar lake is surrounded via snow mountains, inexperienced hills and it looks awe-inspiring. Dudipatsar lake is surrounded by means of lulusar dudipatsar country wide park. The high-quality time to visit dudipatsar lake is from june to september. Dudipatsar lake is the adorable and charming lake of kaghan valley. You can attain to dudipatsar lake from naran in 4 hours of pressure. The dudipatsar lake water is greenish blue and really cold.

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