Famous Places In Skardu

Famous Places In Skardu

Skardu is the most important city of Gilgit Baltistan. Skardu is the land of mountains. Skardu is the right place for trekking and trekking. Many trekking tracks begin from Skardu. The nice time to journey Skardu is June and July. In Skardu, there are 4 of the world's fourteen Eight thousand peaks. The climate of Skardu is moderate. A revel in to Skardu will be very adventurous.

Skardu has lush inexperienced meadows, snow-protected mountains, freshwater springs, and ancient locations. Skardu airport is located in North West course and eleven miles from the city. Skardu airport is surrounded by the use of snow-capped mountains and an incredible view of the Indus River.

Skardu has a very rich culture. Many cultural festivals are celebrated in Skardu. Balti is spoken via Skardu humans. Skardu humans said, “Hospitality is our culture”. Skardu has many traditional, healthy and scrumptious cuisines like Balay (Noodle Soup with goat meat), Gyal (Buckwheat Cakes), Boiled Goat, Potato Stew, and Marzan, Prapu.From Skardu airport, plenty of local and foreigners vacationers come and visit Skardu.

Satpara Lake

Satpara Lake is sometimes known as “Sadpara Lake”. Satpara Lake deliver herbal and glowing water to the Skardu valley. Tourists can experience fishing and boating on Satpara Lake. The Satpara dam undertaking is constructed on Satpara Lake. The top of the dam is 128 ft. Satpara Lake is considered as the most attractive lake among tourists.

Local people recollect that there can be a gold mine inside the bottom of the lake so that’s why its water is shining in the day time. Satpara Lake has an awe-inspiring view. Rowing, Motor boating, and fishing can also do on the lake. Satpara Lake is taken into consideration as the fascinating lake due to its surprising and extraordinary beauty.

Through a car, you could reap to Satpara Lake from Islamabad in 14 hours 20 minutes. The distance of Satpara Lake from Islamabad is 650 km. From Skardu, you can acquire to Satpara Lake in 1 hour.

Kharpocho Fort

Skardu Fort is also called “Kharpocho Fort”. Kharpocho Fort means “king of forts”. It is the majestic citadel of Skardu. The fortress became constructed by using King Ali Sher. Skardu Fort is a totally historic fort. Skardu Fort is surrounded via Indus River and it's far built on the pinnacle of a small hill.

An old historic mosque inside the citadel attracts tourists, but it's miles closed for praying visitors. The castle is destroyed for plenty years. The fort looks as if vintage. Persian text is written on the rock constant in one of the walls in the fort. View of Skardu may be seen from Skardu Fort.

Through a car, you may attain to Skardu Fort from Islamabad in 14 hours. The distance of Skardu Fort from Islamabad is 645 km.From Skardu, you may obtain to Skardu Fort in 1 hour.

Katpana Desert

Katpana Desert is also referred to as “Cold Desert” or “Biama Nakpo”. A cold barren place is placed close to Skardu city. Katpana Desert is the world’s highest barren area which is placed in Pakistan. The cold wilderness seems majestic. Skardu airport is located near Cold desolate tract. The fine element for cricket lovers you could play cricket in the bloodless desolate tract.

Katpana Desert is the gem of Skardu and an superb area to visit. The white adorable sand dunes, lush inexperienced timber attract travelers from all over the world. A bloodless desolate tract isn't always barren like different deserts.

In December and January, the climate of the wasteland is in -17 C. Tourists can revel in camping here. In winters, snow-capped mountains lookmagnificent and ravishing. It is positioned at an elevation of more than 7,303 feet.Katpana Desert holds the brilliant enchantment of tourists.

Kachura Lake

kachura lake is the gem of skardu kachura lakes kachura jheel are two lakes in skardu "upper kachura lake" and "lower kachura lake".
 Upper Kachura Lake is positioned inside the higher location of Kachura and Lower Kachura Lake is placed within the lower place of Kachura.

Lower Kachura Lake is likewise known as “Shangrila Lake”. It is a famous traveller attraction. Lower Kachura Lake is surrounded by using traveller houses, snow-covered mountains, inexperienced trees, and relaxation houses.Through a car, you can attain to Lower Kachura Lake from Islamabad in 13 hours. The distance of Lower Kachura Lake from Islamabad is 620 km.

The water of upper Kachura Lake may be very clear. Tourist can experience Fishing, hiking at pinnacle Kachura Lake. Through a car, you could reap to Upper Kachura Lake from Islamabad in thirteen hours 15 minutes. The distance of Upper Kachura Lake from Islamabad is round 620 km.

Both lakes are so stunning and you experience so peaceful. It’s view is breathtaking and captivating.

Khaplu Palace

Khaplu Palace is also called Yabgo Khar. Khaplu Palace is an historical fort and located in Khaplu. It modified into the royal house of the Raja of Khaplu. Khaplu Palace modified into built via way of Kashmiri and Balti craftsmen.

Khaplu Palace has gained the Virgin Holidays responsible tourism awards in poverty discount category in 2012. The palace is now managed thru Serena Hotels. Through a car, you could reach to Khaplu Palace from Islamabad in sixteen hours 30 minutes. The distance of Khaplu Palace from Islamabad is 740 km.

Behind the palace a trek which ends up in the Pari village in Skardu district. Many travelers visit Khaplu Palace and stay here.Balti Folk exhibition center is also within the Khaplu Palace and masses of handicrafts, traditional gadgets are displayed.

Nansoq Organic Village

Nansoq is the first herbal village in Pakistan and it is positioned at the back a part of Kharpocho Fort. The natural village have become developed with the assist of the Aga Khan Rural Support Programme (AKRSP).

 Duchess of cornwall and sovereign of grains known as ruler charles and his Majesty sir aga khan has visited nansoq town the separation of nansoq natural town from skardu is 16 km through a car, you could attain to Nansoq Organic Village from Islamabad In 14 hours. the separation of nansoq natural town from islamabad is 640 km

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